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Grandma Always Gets The Last Laugh

Posted on : 14-05-2013 | By : Chikodi Chima | In : Errata

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Phone Books merfam CCYesterday I called my grandmother to wish her to say happy Mother’s Day (belated).

She asked how I’ve been taking care of my body, and if I exercise.

I said I jog or do yoga every day. And I eat healthy. Lots of leafy greens.

She asked what I will be like in 50 years if I keep it up.

I said I expect to still have six pack abs, with the ability to rip a phonebook in half.

“The phone books are getting smaller every year,” Grandma replies. “In 50 years, they will probably only be two pages.”

Playing Chess Against Myself

Posted on : 13-02-2013 | By : Chikodi Chima | In : Errata, philosophizing

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Chess Board

This morning it dawned upon me that I’ve set a chess board for myself, and I’m playing both sides. Professionally I’ve trimmed back my activities to the few that I can do best, but they’re in direct competition for my attention.

I’m in the process of growing my consulting practice, while experiencing a creative and entrepreneurial tug. Both lines of business have to do with my writing talent, but work opposite sides of the brain. My consulting work requires me to think like a small business owner, pour over Quickbooks, and obsess about taxes, cashflow and new customer acquisition.

The more creative side project is about content curation, developing a community and having an eye for what is cool and cutting edge. These two are not polar opposites, but there’s no easy way to make them work in tandem. I’m spending lots of time online (nothing new there), but it’s a matter of focusing my efforts to achieve a client’s goals, or to treat myself as the client.

The metaphor is striking. On the one hand, it’s an intellectual and emotional challenge. On the other, I can’t lose if I execute well. I am carving out a life for myself where online

I love to write. I love plot and strategize. More than anything I’m committed to getting myself professionally established and having a career on my terms.  I’ve never been good about saying no to cool opportunities. It’s a trait that goes back years. At this point, fortunately I suppose–these are opportunities I’ve created for myself, and ones I definitely intend to see through.

Why Join The Navy When You Can Be a Pirate?

Posted on : 30-11-2012 | By : Chikodi Chima | In : Errata


Image: Creative Commons

The Strange Gets Stranger

Posted on : 23-10-2012 | By : Chikodi Chima | In : Errata


Around every corner is mystery, excitement and wonder. After two years I heard from a whom I never thought I would speak to again. Just about the last person in the world I thought I would hear from. If you’re the one other woman in the world who I don’t expect to hear from, you could make a strange day even more unusual.

Alive and Kicking

Posted on : 07-08-2012 | By : Chikodi Chima | In : Errata


I’m so blessed. That’s all I can think right now. I’m thankful for the hard times, and the amazing friends who have been here with me. You have to grind to shine.

There are thoughts I don’t want to express in words, beyond gratitude. Bumps in the road are just part of the path.