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What Is The Future Journalism Project?

Posted on : 17-12-2010 | By : Chikodi Chima | In : Multimedia



Future Journalism Project – San Francisco Postcard from ScribeMedia.org on Vimeo.

Here’s a few words about The Future Journalism Project, a multimedia documentary and collaborative story about the transformation of the journalism industry.

For my part, I like to say that it’s about the convergence of technology and storytelling. Here’s a brief glimpse at what forms might encapsulate the finished product, as well as work in progress, blatanly scraped from ScribeMedia.org

Here’s what we’re now thinking. In addition to producing a traditional documentary, we want to explore the possible. This includes:

Dedicated Web Site: the Future Journalism Project Web site will hold video of all interviews conducted. Each interview will be edited down to a series of 4-6 minute segments organized by subject matter and presented in an interface similar to video-centric sites such as YouTube, Hulu and TED. The goal is to let site visitors explore the ideas of individuals and also dive deeply into specific topics as discussed from a variety of perspectives.

The Web site will also enable community submissions so that those interested in contributing to the project can upload interviews that they have independently conducted. For example, ScribeLabs plans to target students at US journalism programs to encourage them to interview their peers about the future of journalism and upload the results to the project Web site.

Podcast Series: Each Future Journalism Project interview conducted by the producers will be made available and presented in its entirety as an audio podcast. Listeners can subscribe to the entire series or download podcasts with the interviewees they are most interested in hearing from.

The Book: A book of essays written by leading thinkers is planned to accompany the project. The subjects and themes explored will echo and expand upon the video content, with authors focusing on Journalism Education, Journalism Business Models, Changing Journalism Practices and Journalism and Democracy.

The book will appear in both print and digital versions.

There is also a daily blog, FutureJournalismProject.org

Any questions, shoot me an email.