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Running Towards the Flames: On The Road to Burning Man 2010

Posted on : 14-09-2010 | By : Chikodi Chima | In : Errata

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Seven miles per gallon is a slow, hard way to get to the Playa at Burning Man. It hasn’t stopped thousands of people who are planning to spend their Labor Day Weekend in Black Rock City this year, and it hasn’t stopped us.

We’re fortunate, because our ‘Burnerbago’–a 1978 Winnebago Roadmaster–is clocking 10 miles per gallon on a journey of more than 300 miles. With a little luck, we will only have to fill up the 24-gallon tank twice before we reach Black Rock City. While 10 miles per gallon fuel efficiency is hardly something to brag about, an armada of similarly thirsty RVs, buses and campers will be parked on the Playa, turning Black Rock City overnight into Nevada’s fourth largest city.

For many Burning Man attendees, called ‘burners,’ the journey itself is an annual pilgrimage. While we’re traveling by RV, there are many pilgrims who make the trip by train, fly or share rides through services like Waze, both to track and coordinate travel arrangements. But because the festival is approximately seven hours drive from San Francisco, and 100 miles North of Reno, there’s no simple way to get there.